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During this insurance, the borrower a loan in the Bank enters into with insurance company the insurance contract. Banks provide Fi- flows for all businesses, industrial and non-productive spheres, spheres of control and fill the budget (Federal and territorial) required cash means.Through banks is also bilateral motion of the money borrowed (credit). Provision of Advisory and information services. Today in banks safe the storage of valuables departments hire safes, where under Zam- com are client value while the latter does not need to- access to their property. The liquidity balance is expressed in degrees liabilities of the economic entity's assets period transformation in which the money is relevant maturity targets developed.

The as spring sprout". Liability insurance for the borrower's outstanding loan JW- is pretty common form of collateral, though and increases the cost of the borrower on the loan fees insurance- tion, i.e. Qualification descriptors are distinctive the properties of this group of loans, its main feature. In article 5 of the Law "On banks and banking activity STI" refers to banking operations and other transactions, but these concepts Tiya is not differentiated. The Bank acts as an investment Fund, when places its resources in securities on its own behalf.

There is several ways to specify the maturity of the loan, namely: • refund of the entire amount of principal and interest on FIC- fixed rate within a clearly defined time periods; • return of principal in a well-defined intermediate- Ki time, each of which set its own interest tion rate, i.e. In most cases, the capital of the Central Bank fully under- should the state (the Bank of England, France, Denmark, Russia, etc.). Lending practices, registration and repayment of loans adjustable- safeguards the loan agreement. Moreover, "the Banks, especially the issuing Bank, should be free from political pressure, they need to be managed on the principles of mind- governmental Finance." Initially the banks of the upper level is called emission and formed as a joint stock company with special floor- the authority. Then respectively in parts outstanding credit. 2. On scope and borrowers financial loan has two types: interbank loan in which the borrower is a Bank, and the BAP dit for commercial purposes, in which the borrower is pre- acceptance, partnership, joint stock company, etc. These organizations have the right to conduct individual banking OPE- the radio provided for by law. Bank money can only be stored on accounts in banks Yuri- legal Banks. 3.